Your control center at work

Work is a hectic environment. In today’s workplace it is rare that our day to day decisions are dictated by the data necessary to make the right decisions. So we typically just accept this and do our work with the knowledge and experience in our head. Let’s be honest, if with every task you had, you decided to do research, organize meetings, talk with customers and more – you would not get a lot done. Although we probably should be doing this, it just isn’t realistic. Therefore, we need to look at compromises. This is where CluedIn enters with its new HomeScreen. The CluedIn Homescreen aims to give you one simple answer – “What is happening in my workplace right now”. It is from here that anyone within a company can get a better idea of what is being worked on without having to always have catch-up meetings or status meetings.

There are so many aspects of your daily work that you can offload to CluedIn now, including:

1: Do you ever need all the information your company has on a customer – and you get this by asking co-workers, booking meetings or searching 15 different systems?

2: Do you have specific topics, customers or companies that are important to you now and maybe over the next few weeks. Would you like to know all updates to that customer e.g. support ticket updates?

3: Do you need to view information in a cloud tool, but don’t necessarily need to have an account to view content within it?

4: Are you a manager that needs to just check-in on a daily basis with what your team is producing?

If any of these use cases describe you – CluedIn can instantly help solve these problems for you, get you answers within seconds, so you can move onto more important things to solve.

Team CluedIn

Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.