Why we miss fewer opportunities by using Cluedin at Cluedin

I think most startups can emphasize with the mad rush that is a new business. There is so much support in the startup community to help each other out, which is great. Advice is openly shared in the hope that one thing we can solve for another startup will allow them to one day help us in the same way. However there is one factor that we think that no startup can really help each other out with and that is “missing opportunities” i.e. not missing them.  Startups, networks and communication will help you “gain opportunities” but they don’t help too much in managing opportunities or not “missing opportunities”. We wanted to tell you a few stories that we have had, in that, by using CluedIn we were made aware of opportunities that all of us would have missed if we were not using it.

Shared Mailboxes

Every single startup probably sets up shared mailboxes for support, contact and sales. The bottom line is, that unless your team is using a specific tool to solve this problem, most of this mail is missed because either there is too much spam, others have read the mail already so it looks like you don’t have any new mail to read or you just forget to check it. When we hooked CluedIn to watch some of our mail folders, our reactions were unanimous i.e. “Oh crap, did no-one see these or reply to these?”. There have been many occasions when someone from CluedIn has seen an email on the shared boxes on their phone, forgot to mention it to others and then there was nothing in the mail clients to tell this person that there was something to action. Translation, missed opportunities. Having CluedIn allows us to never miss an opportunity that lands in the communication channels we have.

New Customer Opportunities

We have a CRM at CluedIn that we use. In fact, we have tried out about 2 or 3 and still have not landed on one that we like. Most of these systems have either an activity feed, notifications and the ability to receive email reminders. The fact is, you need to be a member of these systems and subscribe to the proper channels to even benefit from these features. The thing is, as a startup you need to use everything in your network to make those initial connections or customers work. It was only when we plugged CluedIn into our multiple CRM systems that we were made aware that in fact, these companies were closer to one of our employees than we knew. It was only when this company name showed up on the feed of one of our engineers that it was made apparent that “Oh, I know the CTO at this company, I can get us a demo at their office”. This resulted in a customer where we were able to solve a very significant problem for them.

Shared Social Accounts.

Similar to the shared mailboxes, most startups will have a Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn account that represents their business. The inherent problem with this is that everyone is eager to check these accounts and in turn clear any notifications or messages that came from the community. We are definitely aware of tools that can help with this, but not all of us actually use these tools, hence the problem does not go away. When we plugged CluedIn into these accounts, we never missed a beat and have built a number of connections and customers because we were able to stay on-top of the communication in our social channels.

Bugs/Support Tickets

It is tempting in a new business for everyone to be across everything. For example, it is important for all the product people to be across the bugs and support tickets that people are putting in. However let’s be honest, you also have a CRM, a chat system, a marketing system, a source code system etc. What this can result in, is that everyone is across everything, but you don’t leave yourself a lot of time to actually produce anything. Not to mention that if not everyone has had time to get up to speed on all of these systems that decision bottlenecks show their ugly faces. At CluedIn we have found a really nice balancing point across most of these tools and that is that there should always be someone that does the deep dive, and all the rest just need the quick summary. This typically would be solved with meetings, but guess what? This takes preparation, it takes time to meet and schedule and because of the mad rush, not everyone is in a state where “knowing about support tickets” is the most important thing at that point. This is where CluedIn helps us. We can all consume these summaries when we need it, and to the degree of detail that is necessary. Because of this we no longer miss opportunities in providing our customer base with the features they want.

If you are a startup, if you are thinking about becoming a new company, let CluedIn help you never miss those opportunities. After all, sometimes, it only takes one opportunity to make you a successful business and a well known product. It works for us, hopefully it can work for you. Try it now at https://www.cluedin.net

Team CluedIn


Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.