Why we are solving a problem?

We have hit some big milestones at CluedIn, and all within only a few months. When @hyldahl and I were on one of our many daily walks with Seymour where we usually discuss ideas, solutions to problems and more, we reflected upon what had been achieved so far. We are at 7 months (for me, 6 for @hyldahl) into the project and we are currently with Beta Testers, starting our rounds speaking at local and international conferences and are currently speaking with investors, trying to find the perfect match for CluedIn. We realised that both technically and from a business perspective we had achieved a huge amount in what seems like a small amount of time. It was not until one of our advisors prompted the question “Why are you doing this?” that we had time to slow down and reflect. It is so important to always circle back to the “Why?”, “Why are you doing this and in the way you are doing it?”

Fortunately for us, the “Why?” is still the same answer as it was 7 months ago when we started. 

“We hold a philosophy and ideology that being open in the workplace is important. We believe that knowledge is something that should be openly shared and distributed……by default.”

With this in mind, I would like to think that CluedIn is doing so much more than just “solving a problem”. It is a problem that when I wake up in the morning, my coffee is not piping hot and ready to go right next to me. Will someone build something for this? Yes, probably. It is a problem that when it is raining and I am walking Seymour, that she gets all wet and smells for the rest of the day. Will someone make something for this? Yes…in fact…just check a few stores in Japan and you will find it. I would like to think that CluedIn is part of a new shift in the entire way that organisations function. This is why we are solving this problem.

Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.