What could go wrong in an organization when knowledge sharing is set to “on” by default?

If I could sum up what I have learnt in my technology career into one, succinct sentence, it would be “that there are no great or bad solutions – there are only solutions that have some pros and some cons, choose one”. So when CluedIn talks about the idea of knowledge sharing being switched on by default, it is not just a shiny new rainbow that answers all a businesses problems, but rather it offers a new playing field that has new challenges. So ponder for a moment then, “what could go wrong in a world where everything in an organization is shared by default?”.

I think it is important to establish that there are varying degrees of “open” that should be defined. I won’t answer these next questions, because I think they are the prerogative of your business to answer them, but e.g. should salaries be open? Should email be open? Should every meeting be recorded? Every business will answer these questions differently.

At CluedIn, we sat down as a group one rainy day and honestly and openly answered these questions. It was amazing to see that most of the answers were always followed by “but you probably shouldn’t be doing this at work anyway” e.g. “But I have personal emails that I would not want the organization to read”. We all looked at each other and thought – but that is just because you should put personal emails through your personal email accounts. The same argument rung true for sharing files on a work dropbox, discussing private things on Slack or maybe sharing movies on a shared network drive.

Now a lot of you will read this and think, you are not solving a problem, you are just making my life more difficult because now I have to manage personal and work accounts. This is where the mentality switch needs to be made. At CluedIn, it has taken us a good few months to embrace the idea of “open by default”, simply because it is a massive mind-shift – but wow – when you get to the other side, the results are amazing. It took us all quite a lot of time to feel natural with “Do I want the company to see this?” question that came up whenever we were generating content. It is hard to believe, but by doing this, our honesty cam eout in much more constructive ways.

We are not saying that every company will want to run like this and there are some companies that would take significant amounts of time to transition over to this line of thought, however if you feel you would like to try something new, something different then the rewards are just amazing. Ready to make the transition? Look no further, register now at https://cluedin.net/signup.

Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.