Version 0.333 release notes

Hi All,

Version 0.333 of CluedIn comes with some bug fixes, some new features and some new providers.

Bug Fixes

  • User names with spaces would cause an error during registration.
  • We were only fetching the first 200 users followed in twitter.
  • Changing your name in the application could cause you to not be able to login again.
  • SignalR could cause users to see errors in the application.


  • The password strength was way too strong. We now only suggest having secure passwords. We do require that it is at least 8 characters however.


  • Office 365 provider has been split out into separate integration’s for Azure AD, Calendar, Mail, OneDrive and Contacts.
  • All Alpha and Beta Stamps have been removed from integration’s.


CluedIn Team


Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.