Top 5 ways to help your staff adopt new software, quicker!

We live in a fast paced world. There is new software that is released every single day, solving problems that plague us daily, some even solving problems we don’t know we even have yet! Here are the top 5 reasons we have found in all our work with our customers for how to support your staff adopting new software.

1: Ask product support for training, ask their sales teams to show you through all the features

There is a SAAS product for absolutely everything today and everyone of these companies is after one big thing – engagement. There is nothing more a company wants than to make a customer happy, and to setup their product in the intended way it was designed to be used. Because of this, most companies will go out of their way to help you setup their SAAS product for you. Some products are too large and customizable to get the best out of this trick, but typically most software (especially new software) has exposed functionality that is not obvious to setup but is wildly valuable. Ask the products sales team to take you through setting up every feature and listing the business value you will get for every single “feature”.

2: Don’t tell your staff just what tools they need to use, tell them what is in it for them

Shadow IT is out the door and BYOS is the new black. Why? Because you want your staff to do the best work of their life while they work with you.  Part of the solution is the ability for your staff to choose the right software that makes sense to them. With this in mind, a lot of staff require some basic software that according to our studies are perfectly fine for a company to prescribe. In this case, don’t just give your staff the tools and let them loose. 3% of the companies that we surveyed said that they had proper onboarding for the SAAS tools they used at work. 100% of those companies noticed a large spike in the up-ramp time for those staff members being experts in those tools.

3: Let your staff decide if the software is the right fit, not the other way around

Of the 33 CIO’s we talked to, most said that they or the company leaders were responsible for choosing the stack of tools to use at work after they had talked with staff, C-Level and management. Of the 300 people we surveyed overall, 92% don’t remember being asked if the tools they use at work were given their tick of approval. Even more interesting, no management or C-Level periodically asked their staff if their tool choices were correct.

We suggest surveying your staff e.g. “what CRM should we use?”, “what Mail system?”, “what Task Management Systems should we offer?”.

4: Don’t take a one size fits all approach to choosing tools

Every business is different and hence the evolution of the office stack is also a pipe dream. 34% of the business we surveyed had Office 365 as their base stack, 37% had Google. The key is integration. Your company should have an integration plan and one that grows with the tools you have chosen now and in the future.

5: Embrace Trials

Most SAAS software today offers a trial. Use these trials to try and break the product you are trying out. Try every single feature, make sure it works every single time, not just with the simple examples.

Team CluedIn