Too many hats? We have you covered now

Some of us have those jobs where we have different roles we have to play throughout the day. Sometimes it is roles or sometimes it is just different contexts, but the same theory applies. Within CluedIn, our customers have done the talking and have let us know that this is more the case than not. Hence, today we are announcing that if you login to your account in CluedIn today, you will be able to mold CluedIn to suit the different hats that you wear during the day. On any page within CluedIn you will now be given the ability to choose what you want to see on the page. CluedIn will be doing some smarts to offer up recommendations in the future on what you should be showing, but in the end, the choice is yours.

A simple example would be that as an Account Manager, I have a certain amount of customers that I need to pay special attention to. For this situation you may find it useful to setup a different home-screen for every customer and monitor certain parts of their data such as Web Traffic or Support Tickets. You even have the ability to change the way the individual customer pages look.

We also understand that this ability should not just be for administrators of CluedIn. Individual users should be able to modify page views for themselves and hence, any user that logs into CluedIn today, has this ability! The changes are only visible for the individual user, when you make changes to the view of the page, this does not reflect for all users.

Looking further in the future, we will allow you to build your own widgets and will have full control over what data is shown within them. Simple examples will include plugging your Google Analytics data in and modifying your views to show customer web traffic from Google Analytics directly from within CluedIn.

So jump over to your CluedIn account and start building your own custom entity pages to suit exactly what you would like to see for something in your company.

Team CluedIn

Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.