The top (I lost count) knowledge sharing barriers

Knowledge sharing in todays organizational ecosystem is an arduous thing to do. We all yearn for it, we all aspire to it, but the fact is that the support is not there to help organizations get a grip on their internal knowledge.

We have assembled a list that gives some indication of the complexity of knowledge sharing as a value-creating organizational activity. While perusing the list, if you notice yourself nodding along while traversing the bullet points then maybe CluedIn could help alleviate some of the issues in your organization. Hey, give it 15 minutes, if it doesn’t help after that then potentially the problems run deeper (or maybe give it a few days 🙂 ).

TL;DR : The list is huge.

Barriers that could be stopping us as individuals

  • Ingrained hierarchy, status based positions. If knowledge doesn’t flow down, then knowledge won’t flow up.
  • The lack of time to put in the effort to share knowledge.
  • Fear of being made redundant by not having domain knowledge that others don’t have.
  • Inability to capture knowledge e.g meetings, discussions and more.
  • Poor communication infrastructure.
  • Little or no awareness of the value and benefit of possessed knowledge to others.
  • Lack of trust in people because they misuse knowledge.
  • Lack of trust in the accuracy and credibility of knowledge due to the source.
  • The “purple monkey dishwasher issue” of knowledge being blurred as it gets passed through the chains of communication

Barriers stopping your organization

  • Lack of organizational visibility on company goals and the vision for the company
  • Communication and knowledge flows are restricted. This is typically known as the “top-down” model.
  • Insufficient cross department communication e.g. Sales talking to Development.
  • A naturally comfortable suite of tools to help with making knowledge sharing easier and more intuitive.

Barriers that you don’t have a lot of control over

  • Information Silos! Lack of properly integrated IT applications.
  • Company bound tools suites i.e. “You must use tool X and application Y”.

I guess the main point that CluedIn finds amazing is that in a lot of businesses today, we micro-optimize parts of the business chain, but fundamentally we are fixing something that is at its foundation very flawed.

So what do you do?

Running an organization is really tough, and with a combination of fixes, we could all solve a lot of the issues. But if you take one thing away from this post, it is that we at CluedIn can guarantee that we can solve many of the problems above. Try us out, it’s free, it doesn’t bite and we truly believe you won’t want to stop using it. Register now at

Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.