The Organization Delusion

Today marks an amazing day for CluedIn. You are just catching us off the tail end of our quartely “hackathon”, where we get the team together in a room, we code, we discuss solutions and we just get things done. We eat what gets put in front of us, the coffee machine is always on “re-heat” and the only time we step out for fresh air is when Seymour “let’s one go”.

Like the others before it, this was an amazing event, filled with amazing people. Our main goal of this event was to make our product something that when people see it, they think, “this is beautiful, I want this now!”. I can proudly say that we reached that point and more. In true startup fashion, we have under promised and over delivered. CluedIn is really showing itself as a thing of beauty and we can’t wait to get it into everyones hands.

We are only months away from public release, which gives us plenty of time to tighten screws, polish and make the experience a beautiful thing. 

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The beta testers are all signed up and eagerly awaiting their login credentials. One thing that was obvious from our time together was that we all came to the realisation that there is something fundamentally “broken” in the way organisations operate today. It feels….depleted. Like life itself, something old is dying, something new is emerging and CluedIn is there to guide you through this transition. 

CluedIn is a knowledge platform that embraces the idea that data will show us the true insights. So then let’s embrace this ideology and look at the raw statistics of why we know that there will be a fundamental shift in the way organizations work.

Research from Forbes shows that 50%-66% of employees are disengaged at work. Stop! Read that line once again, really slowly.

Up to 66% of employees are disengaged at work.

Obvious signs that change is apparent is that businesses are currently still trying to operate on the micro-optimizations i.e. how do we squeeze the extra 1% out of our employees, where when you think about it, this war is feeble, we are swimming uphill. This is literally the reason why the idiom “Flogging a dead horse” exists. All the micro-optimizations in the world will not help when we see dramatic statistics like 66%. This statistic means that more and more people are showing up in body – not in mind. Be honest. Look around. This is the truth.

We are increasingly disillusioned by organizational life. For people who toil away at the bottom of the pyramids, surveys consistently report that work is more often than not dread and drudgery, not passion or purpose.

But why? Like most things, some simple reflection can expose some of the underlying reasons. Think about your entire career. What made you leave that first job? What about the second? If you answered money, you are not the only one. Maybe it was too hard? Too easy? Now stop. Reverse the question, what made you stay at that one job. I can almost guarantee that you won’t answer with the same responses. For industries like medicine, software, finance and law – we all share this idea of a knowledge worker, and knowledge workers yearn for something different that money. However this yearning requires this organizational shift I talk about to occur.

Then again, taking a drastic leap in the other direction and just reversing the way we work could be thought as irresponsible, radical, and we agree. Hence, let us tell you the fundamental shifts that will occur in the way that businesses will run. In a lot of fields of works, businesses no longer need management. This sounds like the ramblings of a person from that lower part of the pyramid, but it permeates at every single level. Businesses need structure, not management. People don’t need bosses, they need responsibility. 

And all of this leads to one fundamental realization. This all needs to be fuelled by knowledge

This is where CluedIn enters. We have already embraced the ideology and the culture and now we are building the tool to provide the knowledge. The missing piece of this new puzzle is only months away and you can signup now to be notified when we are publicly released.

Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.