The Dawning of a New Age

There have been many monumental moments in history that would have been amazing to witness in the flesh. The moon landing, philosophy lesson with Aristotle, listening to Martin Luther King with his famous speech.

However, I am not a Philosopher, I am not a Politician and I am not an Aeronautical Engineer.

I am a knowledge worker. 

It is so exciting to know that we, as knowledge workers, are soon to have our moment in history.

We are currently experiencing a huge shift in our industry. What industry? The industry of the “organization”. If you work in software, you are part of an organization, medical industry? fashion? finance? You are part of an organization. Some of us have started already, the rest of you will join us soon – we are all making a fundamental transition. The way we operate organisations today simply does not gel with the current status quo of the industry. People are changing, technology is changing, attitudes are changing, expectations are changing. In the same way that people would not tolerate a mobile phone that did not have internet on it these days, people will start to expect more and more from the “organization” they work at and accept less the existing idea of a workplace.

Research and history shows us that the idea of a fundament shift in organisational structure, process and mentality is inevitable. It has happened before and it will happen again. That time is now. If you look to nature and science, when elements are excited, the fundamental DNA of elements change, they alter, they mutate. We have reached that time when the proper mapping of the Organizational DNA is fundamental for businesses to operate, and operate at an elevated level.

At CluedIn, we are embracing this change early. In fact, we are paving the way for a new method of facilitating the huge organizational changes that will need to be made to adapt to the ever-changing world. 

All up to this point, you could consider what I am discussing, scare-mongering. I have not even mentioned what the change even is! (I guess it makes for a better story this way).

Put simply, the change that organisations will go through entails the idea that knowledge discovery and the internal sharing of knowledge breeds more productive, more efficient, more involved and most importantly – more happy employees. Holding onto knowledge will no longer give you benefits. The tools, the data, the algorithms are all in place now to facilitate an age where we have seen a complete flip in the handling of knowledge. This flip is the idea that not sharing knowledge means that you yourself, will be left in the dark.

There are also huge shifts in culture as well. The idea of what we call “Knowledge Workers” is growing exponentially. Knowledge workers are the future of productive and successful businesses. Knowledge workers are the new “passion”. Passion, although a fantastic virtue, only is enlightened when coupled with knowledgable people, working with knowledgeable data.

Let CluedIn be the tool that your organization utilizes to embrace this new movement. Register for an invitation now and reap the benefits immediately. 


Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.