Stop everything right now….your sales team’s new secret weapon is here.

Hands down, ask any sales team – the more you know about your customer, the easier it is to understand what they need in a product, the easier it is to highlight those parts in your products – inevitably, the easier it is to sell to customers.

Little did you know, that your Sales Teams secret weapon was always available to them, laying dormant, ready to pounce. This secret weapon is all the signals that sit across the plethora of tools your company uses at work every single day. As of today, when you connect your Salesforce data with cluedin, you will automatically get the ability to have cluedin data showing directly in Salesforce! Just think, you are looking at a Lead in Salesforce and right there in your Salesforce User Interface, you see all the meetings, discussions, mail, support tickets and more all in one single view.


Some of the use-cases our customers have already been reporting to us include:

1: “I can call a customer and sound completely up-to-speed by just looking at one page within Salesforce without doing anything else. My research time has been cut drastically. I start my calls with something like – ‘Hey Customer A, Mike and I were talking at lunch before because he met with you last week and we were talking about speeding up your support tickets #124 and #125 as it will allow you to start to utilize one of our new features that is only an extra $9 a month on-top of what you are paying”.

2: “I get a call from a customer and I don’t have to struggle around 10 different systems to even start to know where their account is at. In cluedin I just search for Customer A, it is always the first hit in the search results, I click on the result and get all I need to know in one view. I give my customers the impression that I work a lot on understanding everything we know internally about this customer without all the work”.

3: “We use Salesforce as our main data point for our customers. Despite using lots of Salesforce Plugins, one thing that I don’t get from these plugins is the ability to connect a customer to data that sits within these plugins automatically. It means that all of these plugins don’t end up helping, they just produce lots of noise. Cluedin has the ability to figure out that Lego DK and Lego are actually the same company for me, but for other companies it might be that they want those as separate companies. It is using our companies data to make these decisions for me automatically.”

If you use Salesforce and you use other tools like ZenDesk, Slack, Office 365, Gmail, Google Calendar or more – then cluedin could be the secret weapon that your sales team needs to get an edge. The great news is that our Salesforce App is completely free! If you have a cluedin account already then you can get started right now. If you have a Salesforce account but have not tried out cluedin yet, it is only a few minutes away for you to start leveraging your companies data more and more.

Team Cluedin

Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.