So….what do we actually do?

Like most new companies, every now and then when talking about our product, we are posed the daunting and brutally honest question :

“Sounds great….but what do you actually do?”.

When you get this question thrown your way, it is an extremely humbling experience. It is honestly a much more powerful question than you would think and I would like to think that most of the time, the question asker is simply and kindly doing us all a big favour. Passionate people also are passionate about their work, and like your own child, it is easy for you to see the good in your own child but sometimes hard for this to be portrayed in the same way to others.

So, with no buzz words, sugar coating or trying to squeeze and condense what we do into one small catchy line – here is what CluedIn solves.

Whether you work at a small, medium or large organization, you essentially have your entire workplace generating content, data and solving problems every day. The accounting department runs numbers, the sales department makes sales and finds new potential clients and the product department starts new projects and finishes existing projects. All of the information that is generated is usually saved into tools like SharePoint, JIRA, Slack, Network Drives or Intranets.

The unfortunate fact is that this is typically where this content goes to die.

If this fictitious organizaiton is well run, everyone in accounting will see the accounting documents, everyone in sales will see who the new clients are and the product team will know what projects are running and of what quality they are.

However this is not how an organization should run! I think I am even being very generous to think that organizations are even this well oiled in todays mad rush. The reality is that this is essentially 3 different organizations all working within the one organization. CluedIn solves this exact problem by aggregating and watching the content and work that gets done in all parts of an organization and then cross-analyzes it to connect the data across the organization. Think of it like putting a brain in the middle of all the data that flows in the organization. Once we are confident that we have connected the data properly and done as much as we can to enrich that content with intelligence, we surface this to everyone in the entire organization. In this way, the sales department will see what parts of the product are finished and upcoming, the sales department will be able to see from the accounting department that they are over budget and the product team can find new opportunities in the upcoming clients that were signed.

From this description above you can obviously extrapolate that now with a connected organization, the abilities that come with this are practically endless. We aim to eliminate “I didn’t know we were doing that” from an organizations vocabulary. Just writing this description above invoked some ideas for small summaries of what we do e.g.

“We revitalize all the information in your organization and turn it into accessible and actionable knowledge.”

When I then explained CluedIn to the person who posed the “What do we do?” question, they then said “Ok, so kind of like a Google but for your organization”. It is then that I realized that this person “got it” because they started to see the power that having a system of knowledge that allowed that person to “Be in the know”. We are in the lucky situation where unlike Google, we don’t need to work in the context of the entire world, we work in the context of your organization and that allows CluedIn to do some pretty amazing things.

You can register now at and be one of the first few to be in the know at work.






Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.