Sneak peek at the CluedIn UI

Things are getting pretty exciting at CluedIn. As promised in our newsletter, we are now ready to show the world just how far we have come with CluedIn so far.


First up is a shot of the administration of the integration points that are available to setup. Think of these as our source of “clues” to help make sense of your data so that we can then turn this into real knowledge. What is truly exciting about this idea is that CluedIn only gets smarter and more precise with more integration points that are enabled by the customer. The providers in this screenshot are all up and running right now and all (beta)-customers that are using CluedIn can scour all of these sources/silos and let CluedIns intelligence help them get better at discovering the knowledge that is available to them.


Next up is a closer look at the knowledge that you can find when using CluedIn. We are surfacing the knowledge in your organization through “cards” that are expandable to show more detail, and even though we are not 100% finished with how best to present the wealth of information that we are able to find, it will probably look something like these two screenshots:


But of course it all depends on what kind of information is being displayed, as can be seen in the next shot that has captured information about “Pricing” in one of the channels that CluedIn have on Slack. An interesting bonus is the little detail with the blue ribbon at the upper part of the UI that informs the user that we have found additional clues that are valuable to your current context.

Slack conversation captured

The last screenshot for this time around is a look at the kind of feed you could have available with CluedIn. It is showing relevant information that is being used/produced within your organisation right now as you browse. CluedIn is all about making the individual better at obtaining their goals and getting the company/organisation to perform at a higher level.
org feed


If you want to get a closer look yourself, give us a call, an email, tweet, message, smoke signal or whatever communication means you prefer. (except maybe smoke signals.. they have a nasty tendency to only work on short distances..) is where we are at, looking forward to helping you all get more productive!