Scaling Neo4j in reality

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of presenting at the Foo Cafe in Malmø, Sweden. The topic was “Scaling Neo4j in Reality” with the premise being that we would break down the good and bad parts of the technology. We use Neo4j heavily at CluedIn and like every technology there are parts that are more complex to tackle than others. Don’t get us wrong, we are glad we chose Neo4j overall. The night was great, we had engineers from Neo Technologies and a nice group of engineers wanting to learn more about graphs in general.

CluedIn actually went into the finals for this presentation and we are very proud of that. We lost out in the final to a great presentation on Functional Programming, but are over the moon that we got to talk to so many people about our experience with Neo4j.

Team CluedIn

Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.