Refactoring the organization

Taking a page out of the book of software engineering, it is a well known fact that code that is unruly will now and then need some attention and love. We refer to this as refactoring. The idea and process is simple, write some code, don’t make it perfect straight away, wait until it works, write some test cases and then make it perfect. It is all a context switching game for me. Writing code that functions and writing perfect code seem to be in different parts of my brain and only experience after experience of writing code do the perfections sneak into the initial code writing part. Just in case you were not knowing where this is going, I am establishing an analogy to show that code refactoring and organisational refactoring are not so unalike. Refactoring in code is thought of as no feature wins, just keeping things more maintainable. Dare I say that this is exactly the same in organisations? How often do we stop and look back at organisational decisions we made and think “that is dirty, let’s clean it up”. Not as often. Why? Well this is where they differ.

With code, you can rip apart, yell at it, mangle it and rewrite it if necessary. With an organization, this kind of disruption is just so much more of an impact. CluedIn has already proven to us internally that CluedIn unlocks the data of an organization however potentially more important, it unlocks the abilities of the staff as well. At CluedIn we are constantly refactoring the organization in very small ways. Everything from changing the way we use a tool, to migrating peoples roles to drift towards their niche. The fact is, our data shows so much about our work including:

  • When we are most efficient during the day
  • Our skills and the parts where we excel
  • How we work, and how others should work with you to get the best results

At CluedIn we can guarantee you one thing. We completely unlock the full potential of all the data that sits within the plethora of tools that you use within your company. We have all made significant investments in learning and using many tools to get our job done. Think of CluedIn as the tool you would use to connect all of these systems into one unified view and also as an accelerator and enhancement to the data that already sits within those tools. Want to unlock your data? Easy! Signup now at


Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.