Our next big release…and it’s packin’

Let me catch my breath for one moment, as we have been working tirelessly to bring you all an exciting new release just 3 months after our Enterprise Edition release on March 24th 2017. 100’s of companies are already CluedIn customers, and we have exciting news for those customers and future customers. A special welcome to our recent Enterprise customers who have embraced an open data strategy within their respective companies.

In the interest of allowing everyone in a company to help out, we will soon be allowing ANYONE to add data to CluedIn, however requiring an approval from an administrator. Administrators will now notice that they have a “Integration’s to Approve” tab which will list all the information silos that your workforce is yearning to share. This is a huge feature for us as it truly allows information silos to be broken down at a company! In fact, to make things easier, we have also added a way for team mates to invite each other to add certain data points, if they think they could benefit from it.

We have also added 14 new integrations and 9 new providers of enrichment services. This offers our customers more and more turn-key solutions to being a data driven company.

Besides the 10 small maintenance releases we have already pushed out, this major release will include a revamped user interface, including more information on what the integration’s are doing and a major contrast update to support screens with low contrast. We have also minimised some of the user interface to show more information in less real estate on the page.

The search has also received some love including major attention in providing more relevant results as well as search results being returned 5 times faster than in the initial release!

The biggest addition to this next release is the amount of processing that has moved to Machine Learning driven processing. Our entity recognition engine has doubled in quality. This allows for some power inferences to be built and this is critical to us helping companies with their GDPR compliance.

You will also notice a new notification center! We are all about keep you “in the know” and part of this is telling users when new integration’s are enabled, when new data has been discovered and when new users have entered the system.

Team CluedIn


Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.