Our newly released API is your business way to accelerate into a connected enterprise

Last week we opened our invitations to the public for the Cluedin API. Being a team that is 80% engineering, we believe this is the biggest step our product has had since its initial release. The reason we hold this release in such high regard is that our API solves a problem that most businesses need a solution for – to automatically clean, deduplicate, enrich, and connect data.

The Cluedin API will be your next best choice as a data layer as a service. Put simply, our API accepts any data, in any format and transforms it to a rich group of datastores ready for you to power the most complex of applications.

The most exciting part of our release is our native support for machine learning. Without a doubt, machine learning will be a large part of the next few years. It won’t solve all problems, but like the technology trends before it, machine learning will be part of the solutions companies will need to adopt to stay competitive.

Part of the reason I write this post is to forge a guarantee that we intend to strongly backup. We can help your company benefit from the advantages of machine learning without the heavy adoption costs. Why? Because the majority of our engineering team has spent 4+ years in using machine learning techniques, making me confident that our team can help current and future customers realize and get ahead by getting over the buzz and directly to the business value.

I will end with a simple statement. If you’re an engineer, part of your job may involve working with data, and if you were to take that data and process it through our API, we guarantee that once this is done, what you can do with the data will be orders of magnitude more interesting than the data you seeded it with.

Why? Because our API takes any data, in any format and makes it cleaner, richer, more connected, and more flexible than ever before. All of these promises are also something that isn’t hard for you to achieve. In fact, we have spent a significant amount of engineering time in ensuring that it’s amazingly simple for you to feed data into our system.

If you want to know more about our API and how we used Neo4j and machine learning to create a powerful decision engine, you can see Cluedin’s presentation from the GraphConnect Europe 2017 here https://goo.gl/U0400T.

Get started today at www.cluedin.net/api.

Tim Ward

Founder and CEO, Cluedin

Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.