Open versus closed

At CluedIn we aim to start a fire. Don’t call the fire brigade, as this is the kind of fire that gets started in the belly, in the heart and in the mind.

The way we “work” today is odd and in the last few years has not been challenged enough.

It is no-ones fault, we don’t even have time to stop and challenge it today. However the challenge that CluedIn is bringing to the market is bound to find its hesitations, its non-believers and its roadblocks.

Simply put, CluedIn is switching our typical mindsets from a closed and private workplace, to an open and knowledge fuelled workplace where things are shared by default. Herein lies the challenge. Take all the pros and cons of a closed and private by default workplace and then compare the pros and cons to that of an open workplace. If the pros of the open workplace stand in the winning corner, then CluedIn is the tool for you.

Challenging the status quo can sometimes be referred to as “disruption”. A word synonymous with the startup community today. At CluedIn we like to think that this translates to “challenging the way we work, without disrupting the work”. We do exactly this.

So here is our challenge to you. Read the following pros and cons and don’t answer immediately. Challenge every single part of the open and closed possibilites as benefitting from CluedIn doesn’t only come from using the tool itself, it comes from embracing a new way of thinking, of working, of sharing. This will only work if you read the question and don’t use your gut answer. It is always the safe option to choose the options that you know are in place now in the workplace.

Pros of a closed and private workplace:

1 – You can work in comfort knowing that if your work is not great, that no-one will ever know.

2 – Those emails you get from your friends, those funny pictures you send to your colleagues will stay between you and your friends.

3 – When there are fires happening, they can be contained with high level management so teams never know of the problems that are really happening and don’t need to worry about it.

Cons of a closed or private workplace:

1 – Excess meetings are necessary just to catch up on the information you need to get your job done.

2 – The constant feeling of being left out of decisions doesn’t make you feel like you are making any impact at work.

3 – Knowledge gets blocked and filtered by layers upon layers of management that typically don’t know what the knowledge actually means.

4 – If you know insider information, you are less likely to lose your job due to domain knowledge you hold in your head.

Pros of an open and public workplace:

1 – You are always kept in the loop about what is going on at work.

2 – Focus is put on generating real working, knowing that others will see the outcomes.

3 – Less meetings, less catchup and easier to find information when it is make public to all employees at a company.

Cons of an open and public workplace:

1 – There is the possibility of human error and sensitive data being shared within the workplace.

2 – There is the possibility of information overload, where there is too much information to take in.

3 – There is the possibility of people sticking their heads in where they should not and end up wasting the time of others due to them wanting to comment on everything that is done at work.

4 – You have to think more about producing good work, knowing that it is more likely that your coworkers will see it and potentially leverage it as well.

I can sit here and push holes in a lot of these points and hopefully you can gather that we are not trying to push CluedIn as this gold at the end of the rainbow, but rather just looking at the rainbow from another angle. I will say this. For all the pros of a closed and private workplace, I can easily find ways to circumvent these. I would much rather spend my career working in a knowledge driven environment where knowledge is shared, people are empowered to be the best they can be and not be left behind because there are not kept in the loop.

Team CluedIn.



Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.

  • Martin Vikkelsø Madsen

    Interesting perspective on workplace culture. I think your take on open/closed workplaces is something which is easier for millennials to accept/adapt, as they are already used to share themselves via social channels, and embrace this way of life (and work?) in a higher degree than their older counterparts.

    Keep up to good work, and inspiring posts