Not just another tool

Take your average knowledge worker. A person who uses technical products to solve problems. Let’s put ourselves in their shoes. They have spent their careers trying out different tools to find the perfect tools for them to use to solve their work. Now introduce the workplace. The current day workplace feels like they need to solve the toolset problem for their employees and to some degree I can see why this is good. However…

This is not the future of the workplace

The future of work is to embrace the doe’rs, the people on the ground, let them drive the way work is done at your company. Part of this is allowing them to choose what tools they need to get their work done. Guess what? Communication is communication, but that does not mean that the same communication tool works for everyone. Do not enforce tools on your workforce. Of course, the downside of this is that we cause Information Silos because we use different tools to solve the same problem and only the users of those tools get informed. But guess again.

This is happening anyway! It is out of your control, just face this fact.

How do we usually solve these problems? Well, we introduce either process, management or a new tool. CluedIn is that tool. But CluedIn is not just another tool.

So then why does CluedIn have the nerve to sit here and say we are different. I would like to use a classic Seinfeld scene as our analogy. Remember that classic scene where George and Jerry go to talk about their Sitcom idea and when asked what the show is about, George says “Nothing, it is about nothing”. Well, here is why I think we are different. In CluedIn, we allow you to do nothing. We are not the new project management tool, the new communication platform or the smartest email client on the market. You don’t upload files through us, you don’t “like” stuff on us and you certainly don’t manage a project through us.

Let me now jump to the role of Jerry in that scene, where he frantically tries to save the situation by saying “well, we do something”. CluedIn allows your company to choose whatever tools you need, whatever tools you want and the true power of this is that we can grow with any toolsets you choose. After all, we are solving the information silo and information flow problems in workplaces, we are not solving practical day to day solutions.

Here is how we can prove it. Jump over to today, signup and if you don’t think it solves some common pains that you have at work then you have lost absolutely nothing as you never actually did anything in CluedIn.

Team CluedIn


Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.