Not accepting the minimum at work

The CluedIn team has spent significant time talking with our beta customers, upcoming customers and industry experts. One thing is very clear – organizations are starving for a tool that gives them access to all the information in their company. The interesting part of these discussions that people were talking about feature requirements that just bought them to the minimum tangible features so that they would start their work with the right amount of data. The funny thing is, is that as an industry we have been so long drowned in information silos that we have not stopped and thought what we actually need instead of accepting the status quo. Let’s take some examples, how many times have you heard these types of things:

1: What is the name of that document that we presented to customer X?

2: Where is the presentation that we did to the internal marketing team?

3: What are the contact details for customer Y?

The bottom line, is that if we had a tool that answered these questions, then we are already at an advantage. But why are we accepting this status quo? Let’s turn these points above into more actionable examples:

1: What inside my organization should I be showing customer X so that we can provide them with new solutions and bring new business in?

2: What presentation should I present to the new marketing team that resulted in the most amount of activity?

3: What is the best way to contact customer Y that would make them buy new parts of our product?

This is the CluedIn experience. We take everyday data and turn it into intelligent and actionable knowledge that allows individuals to utilize data instead of always “delivering the minimal”. Do yourself and your organization a huge favour and see how CluedIn can transform your existing internal information into knowledge driven insights.

As employees, too often due to several different variables, we deliver sub-par results. Give yourself a huge benefit by starting with knowing all the pieces that make up the puzzle.

Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.