New Blog Series : “How do I work?”

As part of our mission to help bring an organisations knowledge to the fingertips of every employee, we meet with a lot of different businesses and individuals. It is always interesting and enlightening to be introduced to the different and new ways that people work and hence we are starting a new blog series called “How do I work?”. We simply ask the participants to detail how they work on a day to day basis. This is not only great research and input for us at CluedIn, but many of the participants have been saying that it is a really good activity for themselves as not often do they get the time to sit back and reflect on how they work.

Participants are asked 5-8 simple questions which revolve around where they work, how they work, what organisation structure they work within, what tools they use and some other more fun questions like their favourite movie, soundtrack or console game.

So let’s get started and meet Francois.


Who are you?

Francois, 33 year old software engineer. I grew up in Montreal and I am currently living in London.

What kind of company are you working for? 

I work in a company doing audio/video products. We have hardware encoders, cloud transcoders and software video management solutions.

Could you briefly describe your team setup? 

Each project usually has a product manager and project manager and we have several projects going on at the same time in the company. Our team sizes are about 3-8 persons. Each release cycle is about 3-6 months long.

What is the first thing you do when you get into work?

I pickup where I left off the previous day. I check my emails to see if any new JIRA tickets have been opened since the last day. I update my code repositories and check the Agile board.

What tools do you use at work to get your job?

We use JIRA for managing tickets, wikis, agile boards and git repositories. We use Google Hangouts to communicate with other offices. On some projects we also use HipChat for continuous group chat. For development I use Visual Studio, WebStorm, QtCreator, Just Great Software’s EditPad Pro and RegexBuddy.

What is the number one thing you wished you could change at work?

Better collaboration and communication between departments. Aside from that I would also re-write the timesheet software 🙂

What is CluedIn to you and how would you use it at work?

CluedIn is a cool blend of new technologies and a team of passionate developers. It allows intelligent correlation and indexing of information across providers in a way that I had never seen before.

I would use it as an extension to my memory allowing me to search through all the things I wrote but not remembering exactly where it is located.

Name one movie that everyone should go out and see tomorrow.

The movie “Monsoon” (2014) which is a very simple movie that I totally loved. It will transport you throughout India at the rhythm of the monsoon season. Everybody needs to stretch their view of the world from time to time.

If you yourself are interested in being part of the “How I work?” series, just say hello at

Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.