Mark your calendars, we are ready for release!


Holy S***! We are ready. I have been dreaming of writing this post for months and the day in finally here. CluedIn is ready for release and on October 20th, those of you whom have registered to “Join the Party” will receive your exclusive invitation and will be amongst the first organizations to benefit from revitalising the data laid dormant in your company for so long.  Those of you interested in taking part only have a few more days to signup! This was only made possible because of the awesome team at CluedIn. CluedIn is the culmination of putting 5 individuals, with the passion to change an industry and the desire to put their best work into a platform that solves a very common and frustrating problem. Yet, we have only started. The team has spent the last 8 months building the framework and platform required to move CluedIn in the directions that our customers need. With this foundation in place, we have what most would refer to as an engineers dream – a platform that is ready to solve problems with the right set of tools to enable the unlocking of an organizations data in the right technical way.

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So! You have decided to take the leap and see what CluedIn will do for you and your company. Great! The good news is that taking that leap could be the smallest investment you will need to make as within minutes your data will start to more connected, easier to find and will start to be more actionable. On entry into the system if you think to yourself, “Where do I start doing ‘things’ in CluedIn?” then you might need a moment to sit back and take a sigh of relief that CluedIn is not “Yet another tool” to enter data. CluedIn simply unlocks the existing data in your existing systems. By doing this we are breaking down “information silos” and uniting the data into a unified view so that no matter where your data is being entered, you can rest assured that CluedIn will always be working around the clock to connect this data in ways you could never imagine.


If you use tools like Slack, Office 365, Trello, DropBox, Box, ZenDesk, Pivotal Tracker, Twitter or Asana – CluedIn is the platform for you. We are the no-nonsense, one-click way to unite your data across these tools.


Team CluedIn.


Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.