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I love an article with no introduction, one that just gets to the point. No sugar. No rainbows. At CluedIn, we just have one simple question.

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  • Ingrained hierarchy, status based positions. If knowledge doesn’t flow down, then knowledge won’t flow up.
  • The lack of time to put in the effort to share knowledge.
  • Fear of being made redundant by not having domain knowledge that others don’t have.
  • Inability to capture knowledge e.g meetings, discussions and more.
  • Poor communication infrastructure.
  • Little or no awareness of the value and benefit of possessed knowledge to others.
  • Lack of trust in the accuracy and credibility of knowledge due to the source.
  • The “purple monkey dishwasher issue” of knowledge being blurred as it gets passed through the chains of communication
  • Lack of organizational visibility on company goals and the vision for the company
  • Communication and knowledge flows are restricted. This is typically known as the “top-down” model.
  • Insufficient cross department communication e.g. Sales talking to Development.
  • A naturally comfortable suite of tools to help with making knowledge sharing easier and more intuitive.
  • Information Silos! Lack of properly integrated IT applications.
  • Tool overload….lots of tools that work well individually, but don’t complement each other.
  • Company bound tools suites i.e. “You must use tool X and application Y”.
  • The feeling that you are operating as individuals, not as a company.

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