How we increased our sales demo rate 10x, just with a few small tweaks!

The demo. A critical part of the sales process, but also important for customers to know, that what they are purchasing is something that solves their problems. At cluedin, we identified some bottlenecks in the process of giving customers a demo of what we could offer them. The problem all surrounds the idea of “friction”. It takes quite a lot for someone to commit to a demo. This is not helped by the fact that once this decision is made, there is a lot of back and forth between both parties to organize the demo itself.

We knew exactly what we wanted to offer, but not the time to do so. Enter “Calendly”. Calendly is a tool that makes scheduling meetings 10x easier, but can be bent into also being a great way for customers to book their own demo without any friction at all.

We had 5 simple requirements, Calendly proving helpful in 4 of those 5:

  1. No emailing. Simply fill in a form and everything is done.
  2. People use different tools for video conferencing an online presentations. The customer should be able to choose the tool they want to be called on. This also stops that audio “dance” that is done in any meeting that usually takes place.
  3. The customer should have information that they can read before the demo, so they know more about what we do and what questions to ask.
  4. Reminder emails need to sent for customers to double check they have their questions ready and that their audio works in their tool of choice.
  5. There is an easy way for them to cancel and let us know.

With this simple “hack” we spent 18 minutes in setting our custom demo flow up on the website, and have increased our demo rate by a factor of 10.

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Team cluedin

Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.