Having your cake and eating it too!

Forrester, Gartner and other reputable technology futurists are telling us that we are moving more into a data driven world. There is an interesting conundrum that comes from more and more apps that will start to utilize existing and future data generated in the plethora of tools we use, and this is that most products will need to query, process and prepare data in a format that is useful before the true value of that product is shown. Being a pioneer in this space, Cluedin needed to solve one simple question, but a complex problem.

How can we have a company up and running with all their integration points within seconds to minutes? In particular, when onboarding onto Cluedin, how could we show our customers what business value we bring, without asking them to come back in a few hours?

We start with the obvious ideas. We send an email when it is done. However this really breaks the flow and excitement about the onboarding. Cluedin has the ability to really WOW. This happens once we have had at least once chance to analyze your data.

We then take our current option, which is, we quickly stream in as much data as possible as quickly as possible. However our customers gave us the feedback that this gave them the impression that potentially it didn’t work as they could not find results for something they knew were in their tools. The real problem was that we had not got to it yet and saying “Oh…..come back in 5 hours…maybe….” is just not a solution.

The fact is that Cluedin has no value whatsoever without tools being integrated. To some degree, this is also limited when you don’t have your team or companies integrations enabled within Cluedin as well, but let’s start small and move big later. This allows us to boil down a simple formula.

1: Cluedin should not be used before integrations have been added and finished.

2: Onboarding of functionality of Cluedin should only start once the integrations have finished processing (this could be hours).

3: It should take no less that 1 – 2 minutes for people to understand the key business value of Cluedin and why it is great.

4: We should not push the user away from the application during the onboarding experience.

This is otherwise known as having your cake and eating it too. 

Others have decided to show progress bars. Although this is great, it still forces the user to see that it will potentially take a few hours for an integration to finish. Most would agree that we would come back later, however this breaks rule 4 above.

At this point, I guess you are thinking – how did we solve this?

The solution we arrived at is centered around the idea of training your own data. So as we are busy processing data, Cluedin will start asking you questions to help us provide you with the best possible experience. Knowing full well that this is something that you only do once and that anything you answer within this process could really help us make the best decisions to automatically make sense of your content.

Why not see it for yourself now? Check it out at https://www.cluedin.net.

Team cuedin

Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.