Having a fluid SAAS Adoption Plan

The modern day company is agile, it’s fluid, fast paced and productive. It’s risky, messy, chaotic and disruptive. The enterprise (in general), as it is today, does not support, embrace or excel in this model and enterprises know it. We investigated the top strategies that enterprises could implement to adapt to the current style of SAAS (Software as a Service) adoption that is required to cater for this pace.

Tip 1: Transparency

It is better to be aware of the tools that your staff are using and embrace it, than have it as a hidden thing. Shadow IT is the idea of a company telling their staff what tools they should use. Our research has shown that a majority of these same companies are not aware that their staff are not using all of these tools and are moving towards tools that meet their needs.

Tip 2: Integration is key!

Part of creating a SAAS adoption plan is to have an integration framework that can have any SAAS tool enrich the organization, not act as a Data Silo.

Tip 3: Have a plan.

Have a plan that embraces changes, not makes it a roadblock to bring on new SAAS tools. Apart from it being very exciting for your staff, having an adoption plan that embraces trying new tools and moving to more modern products can be a very motivating experience.

Tip 4: Some tools work better with each other.

Do your research on the tools you are thinking of trailing or buying, especially around integration. If a tool does not have a large list of integrations, it typically means that they can easily cause data silos.

Bonus Tip: Let your staff know why you are bringing certain tools into the workplace.

Most staff are not aware of why Shadow IT is a real thing and why companies prescribe tools to their staff. This could range from security policies, to strategic partnerships – the important part is that you should let your staff know why you are doing so.

Team CluedIn