Configuring your integrations

CluedIn has always allowed our customer to integrate their data, but for most cloud services it has been a “take all or nothing” situation. As of today, you can now login to your cluedin account and manage exactly what you would like to integrate from your services into cluedin. It may be something as simple as only wanting certain folders from your DropBox account to be synced or you may only want certain Applications in Podio to be synced. Now we give you the ability to do this.


This is one of the first on the list of ways that we are giving our customers more control over their data. Next on the list is to provide customers with sample views of what their data will look like in cluedin before adding it, exactly what properties we will be crawling from different providers and even in the future a sandbox mode to allow customers to bring data into cluedin in a Preview mode and only accepting the integration when that user is happy with the data coming in.

For now, we believe that this gives our customers peace of mind with what data cluedin will access and why. We will continue to work on our transparency around what we do with your data to make your cluedin knowledge more and more useful. We would like to take this time to re-iterate that your data, that you plugin to cluedin, is only ever available within your cluedin account and is never used or shared with any other account. We are strong believers in the fact that when you use a cloud service, that data that goes into it, is your data and at any point you should be able to access it and use it the way you need.

Team cluedin

Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.