CluedIn – Up and running in under 1 minute

If there is one thing I have learnt in my career of building products it is that the first experience of a product is the most important. If the user does not enjoy and can’t see the benefit of using your product within their first experience then you have failed. This is however not an easy thing to do as one needs to find the right balance of getting enough information from the user whilst limiting the amount of information needed to just get into and start benefitting from the tool. One of the unique value propositions of CluedIn is its ability to show its worth and use in under 1 minute and all with a few simple steps.  Watch below to see just how easy it is to benefit from CluedIn straight away.

For those wanting to take the leap and start benefiting from what CluedIn can provide, all one needs to know is that the most important and integral part of CluedIn is its access to “Clues”. These clues come in the format of integration points and hence we wanted to make the integration points as easy as possible to setup and just forget about.

I think this is one of the great design decisions with CluedIn is that we innately treat all the data as “dirty”. CluedIn looks at all the data at the integration points and simply uses these as indicators for what could be real knowledge. Why? Simple. Because everyone knows that the data in these tools is error prone, quickly gets outdated and is typically not updated when things change i.e. a new documents gets made and placed somewhere in the organization. This fuzzy or noisy approach allows CluedIn to make intelligent inferences and decisions based off a number of clues. It also allows us to easily be of instant use over existing organizations that have reached a point of “information paralysis” where they have lost control of the information in their organization.

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Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.