Cluedin just turned 1!

It’s official. Today is the day that CluedIn turns 1 year old! We released our beta version about 4 months go (you can signup at and have since been working hard on taking feedback from our users to steer the ship in the right direction. We have been releasing new versions on a bi-weekly occasion, whether it is bug fixing, new providers or completely new features. The biggest additions to the software have not even started to be released yet, and this is why 2016 is a very exciting time to be using CluedIn.

What happened this year?

The world tells a company today to get a product out early, get the feedback necessary and iterate quickly and this is exactly what we did. CluedIn released what is the first piece of the many pieces that make up the vision of CluedIn. This came in the form of “Search across cloud and on-premise tools”. The market and the world was telling us that this was enough of a problem that people could start leveraging from CluedIn with just this simple feature in place. However search for us is only one piece of the puzzle.

Getting to this point meant that there were a lot of learning’s not only from forming a new company but from a product perspective. You often build a product based off a problem you have personally seen or experienced. When all the members of CluedIn mentioned they also had seen the same problems, intuitively you think, with the 3 of us combined, we could probably build something that solves this problem solely off our own ideas and market research. Because of this, there are were a lot of transitions and priorities that shifted in CluedIn along the way. A lot of this was brought on from the initial users of the system in an early Alpha stage where trepidation came in over what services they wanted to add into CluedIn. This trepidation formed from multiple different factors including not knowing exactly what CluedIn will do with this data and also the difficulty in having different teams e.g. Sales and Support align on giving CluedIn access to these accounts.

What is happening this year?

At CluedIn we are now suckers for feedback and are moving the product in the direction that our current customers are asking for. So starting off this year you will see a couple of shifts in CluedIn, including:

Focussing on Teams

For an entire company to get the best from CluedIn, it takes time. It also requires a lot of different people to agree that, “Yes, this is the tool we should all use”. That is why CluedIn is going to start working better for teams. In particular we are focusing on two areas where we believe a team can benefit the most from having all their cloud tools connected and unified in one place, and that is Sales and Support teams. So if you are part of a Sales Team or Support team then right now is the time to signup for CluedIn, knowing that we will be focusing specifically on making your experience very special.

New Data Providers

CluedIn only gets better and more highly connected with the more data you add into it and hence continuing to push out new cloud and on-premise services throughout the year is a given. But why is this the case? Why does CluedIn get better with more data? It is because of the core design of CluedIn, that at heart the more clues we have, the easier it is to make a decision if two things are connected in anyway.

This year will also be about completing the other pieces of the puzzle that make up the end CluedIn vision. We will release more information on this throughout the year, but all I can say is that now is a great time to get started with CluedIn, knowing that throughout the year it will just continue to become more and more of a necessary tool at work.


Team CluedIn


Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.