Cluedin is going realtime

Cluedin has proven itself to be very useful in the Account Management space.

Let’s be honest, the more you know about your customers – the better you can provide them with great service. There is such a fundamental difference between a customer knowing that they are being looked after versus just being another customer in the pile. One way to show this, is by knowing everything about your customers in one single place. In this way if you get a phone call or contacted by a customer, you can give them the impression that everything is under control by knowing everything about that customer in one single view.

One of the use cases that often came up with our customers was that “our data on our customers is sporadic” and that simply getting a data sync in Cluedin every 4 hours was not enough for them to stay on top of their customers. That is why today, you can log back into your Cluedin account and some of your data syncs are now real-time (Pivotal Tracker, Podio and ZenDesk to start with). That’s right, as soon as you mention a Customer in ZenDesk, they will be in the Unified View in Cluedin for that customer immediately. As soon as you update their profile in Podio, Cluedin will know straight away. Although technically difficult to achieve, we have been able to establish a framework that will allow us to do some pretty amazing things with this in upcoming releases.

Think of the following typical situation. A customer calls an account manager and wants an update on their support tickets. Realistically this is what happens today.

1: Account manager logs into their support portal, asks for the Ticket Id and then searches in e.g. ZenDesk.

2: Account manager sees that there are one or two comments and which developers are working on it.

3: Account manager let’s the customer know of the state and really can’t do anything about it. Potentially without the Account Manager knowing, the support engineers don’t talk about the ticket on ZenDesk, but rather use a Slack Channel to discuss it.

Although not a terrible situation, this is the typical service that a customer will receive.

Enter Realtime Cluedin.

1: Account manager looks up the customer in Cluedin. Because all their cloud tools are plugged in, we can see that in fact the engineers have taken the conversation offline in a Slack channel and have mentioned that the problem is more sinister than expected.

2: The Account Manager very quickly can identify that this is a tricky bug and can let the customer know who is working on it, the true status of the issue and can even update the customer ticket with the conversation that the engineers have been having on Slack.

3: The Account Manager chooses to follow the customer in Cluedin, knowing that anytime that customer is mentioned in any of the tools the company uses, he will know about it straight away.

It is obvious to see that the later shows a company that feels like they are more on top of things and that all their data on their customers is in an organized and well managed format. Not to mention that with all of this data in one place, it is easy for that account manager to pick up the phone, call the customer and say “Just letting you know that your support tickets #123 and #124 are in progress, the engineer is Alex that is working on it and there is an ETA of 2 weeks”.

This kind of customer service just doesn’t happen enough these days. Cluedin can help.

Team Cluedin

Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.