Cluedin – bringing the data closer to the tools you already use

As part of the CluedIn roadmap, we were always very interested in bringing the data that sits within CluedIn closer to the tools you already use on a day to day basis.

Many of our customers use the Google Suite of tools at work. In fact, a few customers mentioned that they literally live in Gmail. This gave us the push to produce a Gmail Plugin via a Google Chrome Extension that allows us to bring your valuable customer data directly into the Gmail environment.

Imagine… receiving an email from a customer, without moving out of Gmail, you already can see recent meetings, recent documents, support tickets, conversations and what products they own – directly next to your email.

Imagine no longer!!!

Download the CluedIn Gmail Plugin directly from the Google App Store.


Our beta customers of the Gmail plugin have already given us great feedback. How easy it is to get this installed and running with their existing data.

In a busy work environment, a lot can be made easier if your context is set when you are answering an email. Gmail plugin solves this problem. By bringing in the history of the person you are writing in the email, you can answer your emails with all the history you need.

Some of the use-cases our beta customers of this plugin have already reported to us include:

1: “It was really cool to open an email and see that customers support tickets right in the browser. The customer was not actually asking me about the support tickets, but those extra details of me saying that we were working on their support tickets made them feel very supported.”

2: “I already use Rapportive to get information from LinkedIn on the context user in the email, but this gave me no context around our internal knowledge of this customer. To be honest, this is more valuable to me than public information.”

3: “I need this in all my tools! Although I use a lot of tools, I typically need the context data that sits within all my tools, in the tool I am currently using to make the right decisions.”

This is only the start for CluedIn showing up in the tools you are already using. Office 365, ZenDesk and Slack – you are next!

Team CluedIn

Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.