CEO Blog: Building Awareness of the Disconnected Enterprise

CluedIn is on the mission to solve the connected enterprise. We look forward to a day where all companies are leveraging the data that sits within the plethora of tools they use, to provide more day to day business value. I recently met with the CEO of Neo4j (Emil Eifrem) who shares this vision passionately with me. His company builds a Graph Database that is the number one database to solve the disconnected enterprise. We talked about the connected enterprise and whether this resonated with our respective customers. The main point I added to the conversation was that when you start up a new sales team, you intuitively think – “We need a CRM, we need a calling solution and we need a Mail system” – you don’t instinctively think – “We need a platform to integrate these systems together“. So the summary of our talk was that we need to push and be advocates towards building awareness around the problem of the disconnected enterprise.

Then last week a friend of mine on LinkedIn sent me a message saying that he saw a product on Product Hunt last week that allowed customers to choose the tools they use at work and it would generate a report for them and even suggest a couple of solutions they could try to solve the problem of data silos. The tool in question was Immediately I thought, this is fantastic! This is an easy and non-disruptive way of allowing companies to easily tell if they have a connected company or not. Kudos to the DataSilo team. We got an 8.9/10 for our connection score.


What happened next, to be honest, surprised me. When looking at the list of tools they had available, not only did I realize we personally at CluedIn have 71 tools that we use but more importantly I noticed that CluedIn had made it into this list of tools. This to me was a pivotal moment for this company. Not only did this tell me that we were gaining popularity, but more so, it made me ecstatic to know that this was the type of awareness that needs to happen and it was coming from new places.

In closing, this experience made me reflect on one major thing. Up until this point, I had always been talking with our customers about solving a problem. It was only one month ago that one of our customers told me “You are not solving a problem, you are making new opportunities”.  It doesn’t have to be said, but “solving a problem” has exited my vocabulary and “new opportunities” is my new thought pattern. This is relevant because it made me think that this might not be an awareness problem, but rather our opportunity to provide our customers with a game changing advantage by leveraging their data.

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Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.