Blog Series : How I work? #3

Continuing on from our blog series, documenting how different people from different backgrounds work, we move on to the third part in the series.

Who are you?

I’m Nicolas, I am 31 years old and I work as a software engineer in Belgium.

What kind of company are you working for?

The main business of the company I’m working for is “innovative high tech projects”.

The work ranges from the single and particular development to a full process of prototyping and delivery to the market of products that suit the needs of clients.

We cover a lot of different industries through different departments including the automotive industry, pharmaceutical production, laboratory and medical devices.

Could you briefly describe your team setup?

The laboratory and medical devices team are divided in 2 parts (interrelated)

1) The engineering part

3 project leaders and a couple of engineers (Mechanical, Electrical, Validation, Software) are involved in all ongoing projects. A permanent exchange of information is really the “leitmotiv” of the team.

Pertaining to the complexity of the technology to develop, the market-needs and the respect of all standards assigned to the medical and laboratory fields, the development time may vary between a few months to many years.

2) A production area

At the end of some development processes, a serial production must be ensured by the company. So a couple of mechanical assemblers work permanently under the supervision of a production manager and always stay in touch with the engineering team.

Once more, the exchange of information is really important.

What is the first thing you do when you get into work?

After a quick coffee, my first reflex is to check my e-mails and notifications before starting anything else.

What tools do you use at work to get your job?

ERP for all production, stock management, human and material resources.

QTCreator, Eclipse, Visual Studio for development

Microsoft Office to generate all validation documents

Outlook for e-mails, Google Hangouts as the communicator

What is the number one thing you wished you could change at work?

Due to the diversity of activities, the organization is quiet complex. It is really important to share all information between all groups and subgroups of the company, whether that is technical issues, feed-back from the clients or information from the suppliers.

The biggest problem is to involve all concerned persons in the loop at the beginning of a project. The exchange of information is what needs to be improved.

What is CluedIn to you and how would you use it at work?

A centralization tool for all information of a company

Beside the development of products, I’m in charge of compiling all functional and technical information to generate validation packages for the projects.

I daily need technical information, records of meetings (clients, technical, suppliers), price information from the selected supplier and the kind of used materials.

The “research part” takes a lot of time in a complex folder’s tree, ERP, other databases. A central interface allowing me to look for the information easily would be very welcome.

It could also make the exchange between all departments and teams much easier. Even if the application fields are different, a common trunk is often to be shared in all development processes.

Name one movie that everyone should go out and see tomorrow

Millenium Trilogy.


Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.