An open letter from the Cluedin team

Release day has come and we are so excited. 10 Months after we first put our hands on the keyboards, 4000 commits, 675 backlog items, 214 tweets, 10 git repositories, 22 AWS boxes and we are finally at the day where we can be proud of what we are releasing. This is an open letter in which the team detailed exactly what our mission is and the kind of things you are going to see from us over the next few years.

CluedIn is not just addressing a problem that we wanted to solve. The product itself is only one part of our journey. More important than the product is our goal to unlock the true potential of all the employees within an organization so that we can transition from cogs in a machine to the fuel that powers that machine. It is not often that you see companies working as a company, but rather as a big group of individuals that are supplying solutions for different parts of the business. It is our mission to bring the fire back in people, in their work and most importantly in their companies.

You will see a lot produced from the CluedIn team over the next few years, but our message will always stay consistent. We want to continue to produce the feeling that the data that your company generates, fuels that same company more and more, day after day. It is important to CluedIn that we keep a healthy ecosystem of great productivity tools that allow you to manage projects, to chat, to email, to manage marketing, software and more. CluedIn will never be these tools, we will never be a replacement for these tools. We will be the backbone of your company that is always delivering employees what they need, when they need it, to get their work done efficiently. We strongly believe that a knowledge fueled company will help embrace a company culture where everyone is included, everyone is kept in the loop, everyone has a voice. Hence, CluedIn is not “yet another tool”. In fact, at first glance you might even say we don’t do anything! This is not far from the truth. As we have mentioned in previous posts, CluedIn is not the place to share files, it is not the place to manage a project, but rather it is a place that keeps the rest of the company up to speed with those shared files or projects. It is these “signals” that allow for individual employees to make key decisions based off their surrounding effects.

We have worked very hard to make sure that CluedIn can build confidence that no matter what tools your company uses now and in the future, that we will always be there, connecting the dots and fueling the workplace. Our goal is for CluedIn to deliver timely insights to individuals, to teams, departments and companies so that we all have the right signals to produce the right solutions. We are in this age of information paralysis where the problem is not necessarily about the amount of information we have, but rather our ability to utilize it. This is exactly what CluedIn can and will continue to deliver to its customers.

We truly thank all our understanding partners for helping us get to this point, the friends that supported us and Seymour the office dog for always smiling. We meant, smelling.

– Team CluedIn

Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.