All needles…no haystacks.

Like finding a needle in a haystack. The analogy is somewhat comical in nature, as the sheer thought of finding a needle in a haystack would cause us all just to go out and buy a new needle. We can smirk at the idea of doing this, but this is exactly what we are doing at work today. When things get too hard to find, we just start again. In CluedIn’s world, the needle is that one thing you are desperate to find, the haystack being the plethora of tools that your data is locked up in. So doing the simple translation, CluedIn aims to provide you with all the knowledge you need to know, without all the noise and extra work of searching for it yourself.

Think about the Haystacks you have in your day to day life at work. Let’s start with the morning ritual. Catch up on email, chat, social feeds, task lists, sales leads and more. All the tools you use for these jobs do a really good job. They allow you to solve those individual problems. At scale however, this is building the haystacks fuller, dirtier and larger. Essentially in this morning ritual, what you are wanting is a stream from all the different sources to give you a picture of what is new, what has happened. This is one of the ritual we take to keep in the loop.

We are human, we forget things. This is where the Haystack starts to grow even more vicious. At CluedIn we provide a solution that solves this pain. Do we allow you to search across all the data in these different tools? Sure, but that is only a means to an end. CluedIn is a knowledge delivery system – one that is proactive, not reactive. In fact, the end goal of CluedIn is to make you not have to search again in your life – hence – “All needles, no haystack”. Search is a reactive feature i.e. we need to find something and we search. CluedIn aims to change this and we believe that as individuals we send enough signals throughout the day to actually tell us already what you want and when you want it. Think of this as the fuel that lights those Haystacks on fire, delivering you only the needles you need. Will this goal of never searching be achieved? Well, time will tell and it will not be anytime soon. CluedIn will get better, faster and more relevant over time and considering that we train the system on your own data then your data will get more connected and qualified more accurately as you grow with the platform.

If you want all the needles and none of the haystacks then jump over to and register for a demo today, it might just be the solution you are after.

Team CluedIn


Tim Ward

Founder, Developer and Loudest Employee at CluedIn.