LinkedIn and HoaxBuster

The CluedIn team are avid techies. We love keeping up to date with technologies, and kept in the loop on transitions within the market – and let’s face it – cool gadgets that we don’t need but will buy anyway. We constantly run across endless articles not only talking about the problems that we are solving but also interesting solutions that are also trying to solve some of the issues we are addressing.…

So….what do we actually do?

Like most new companies, every now and then when talking about our product, we are posed the daunting and brutally honest question :

“Sounds great….but what do you actually do?”.

When you get this question thrown your way, it is an extremely humbling experience.…

What it means to be responsible for part of a product?

In a previous post we talked about Responsibility trumping Management. We had some good feedback and debate happening around the topic on social channels. One of our twitter followers invoked the question “Define responsibility”.  We thought this was such a relevant question and a good indication that people are intrigued by the idea of shifting the idea of the typical “manager” and instead replacing the onerous of responsibility.…

Responsibility trumps Management

Responsibility Trumps Management

There is an interesting hypothesis in the market today which is that giving people more and more responsibility, while risky, yields greater results than the typical style of hiring a group of people and then hiring a manager to be responsible for that team.